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Zimbabwe Network of Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA) comprises of organizations such as Nhaka Foundation as the lead implementing organization, Child Protection Society as the grant manager, Kapnek Trust and Child Resource Institute Zimbabwe as the steering committee members. This consortium requested funding from OSISA to establish a network of ECD actors in Zimbabwe.  The Network was formed so as to bring together players and actors in Early Childhood Development in Zimbabwe. For a long time decisions on ECD were carried out centrally in the capital city of Harare leaving out other players in different provinces of the country. The formation of ZINECDA came at a pivotal moment as most marginalized areas and organizations can now be part of a vibrant network that gives them equal participation in ECD.

ZINECDA complements the efforts by the Government of Zimbabwe by creating a platform where both state and non state actors have common ground and be able to coordinate the work being done throughout the whole country.  Similar networks in the SADC region have had successes and Zimbabwe is learning and building upon these successes.


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