Our History

Our History


Phase 1 – Forming the organization (April 2011 – April 2012)

During this initial phase, Community Development Institute (CDI) financial support made it possible for Dr. Patrick Makokoro to participate in the World Forum Foundation’s Global Leader for Young Children mentorship project. During the World Forum Foundation meeting in Hawaii in 2011. He identified the absence of a coalition or body of organizations in Zimbabwe that would regularly come together to discuss early childhood development (ECD) issues as a huge gap. He decided to address this gap by taking on the establishment of such an organization as his Global Leaders Advocacy Project which was a requirement of all Fellows in the program.


Through seed capital support provided to the author by the World Forum Foundation, he began the ground work to establish the organization. This was done through extensive cross-country consultations with various ECD organizations, academics as well as individuals who shared a passion of the sector. He then established the organization in August 2012 as the Zimbabwe Network for Early Childhood Development Actors (ZINECDA). A Board of Trustees was also established to support the execution of the vision for the organization.


Phase 2 – Preparation for Launch (April 2012 – August 2012)

Following the incorporation of the organization in August 2012, a nationwide baseline research was carried out in order to gather data and carry out a mapping exercise to identify the organizations, individuals and academic institutions working on early childhood development in Zimbabwe. The key activities of the baseline research and preparation for launch included:

  1. Mapping of existing organizations at a district and provincial level
  2. Identifying core strengths of these organizations and establishing cooperative agreements
  3. Development of cooperation pathways at a district, provincial and national level
  4. Development of the Advocacy network governance structure, constitution and administrative policies and procedures
  5. Establishment of a Network website and information portal


Phase 3 – Launch of Network (August 2012 – October 2012)

With backing and financial support from Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA), the newly formed networked organized an all stakeholders meeting that was attended by five organizations from each of the ten provinces in Zimbabwe. This stakeholders meeting was used to launch the Network and the immediate activities after the launch where as follows:

  1. Establishing ten provincial chapters
  2. Membership recruitment drive at a provincial level
  3. Dissemination of the baseline research report to all provinces
  4. Development of the first five-year strategic plan

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