Our Success



  • ZINECDA has championed the development of guidelines and standards of ECD which have been incorporated into the draft Harmonised Manual of policy circulars and statutory instruments in Zimbabwe by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE).
  • The Network is continuously participating in lobbying for enabling policies formulation supporting ECD such as the school financing, inclusive and comprehensive ECD policy.
  • ZINECDA participates in partnership with the Education Coalition of Zimbabwe (ECOZI) in oversight meetings and monitoring of ECD curriculum implementation in Zimbabwe.
  • 10 provincial chapters have been established and are fully functional with a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer who steer the chapter at provincial level.
  • ZINECDA has broken the centre/peripherey dichotomy by taking inclusive processes in all decisions thus ensuring the participation of all members in all the 10 provinces of Zimbabwe
  • ZINECDA initiated self-introspection conversations where ECD actors are looking at their strengths and weaknesses and how other ECD actors can complement each other in their work.
  • ZINECDA initiated a multi stakeholder platforms at national and provincial level that bring in funding partners, NGOs, civil society and the government departments together to discuss areas of convergence around improvement of ECD.
  • ZINECDA has attracted partnerships with various regional and international stakeholders interested in supporting the growth and development of the network and its members.

Doing the right thing at the right time.