Our Children In School

COVID 19 has come unexpectedly with a blow that has affected everyone from the youngest to the eldest. We then therefore need to stay positive and safe to overcome the pandemic since people can spread the virus before they know they are sick.

Reducing contact between people reduces the cumulative number of opportunities for transmission and it only help to protect people. Social distancing will then help limit contact with infected people and contaminated surface.

#Creating a Child Friendly Environment During the Covid19 Lockdown.

Will our little one be able to abide by all the required precautions? This can be difficult for them unlike for the elders for they cannot be able to adhere and practise social distancing and avoiding touching contaminated surfaces , eyes, noses and even the mouth. It is then the role of the caregivers or parents to keep children in safe places preferably in their homes.


In the quest of preventing the spread of corona virus, schools are now closed affecting children especially the Early Childhood Development because this is the time their brain matures faster than other time and needs stimulation, care, nutrition and health to promote holistic ECD. All the stated are at short during the COVID19 lockdown. With the aim of promoting social distancing children are likely to be vulnerable and exposed to violence , abuse and neglect as families struggle to cope with the situation. Caregivers and parents should be engaged or supported in all angles since they are the first line responders for children’s survival, care and learning. In this lowest resources setting, in extreme deprivation parents should be supported through provision of ECD materials, activities to do with their children and information to take actions to protect and promote their children’s development.

Let’s play our part in curbing COVID19, in mind also creating child friendly environment,

#iwenenitinebasa #stayathome #staysafe #savelife with children’s development in mind

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