On the 23rd of April 2020 the world celebrated the WorldBookDay, even though the world is going through a new, unchartered territory in the struggle against the COVID-19  we took time to reflect on the importance of this day.

For Early Childhood Development, books are a medium that promotes reading and storytelling with a child which promotes brain development and imagination. It teaches children about language and emotions, and strengthens relationships with the immediate world and the wider environment.


Research shows that by just looking at books or even just having a book shelf in the house can be a good model for using language and books for a child. Children often learn by watching and by seeing a caregiver hold a book the right way and seeing how pages are gently turned, children can derive lessons from this. In addition, reading together with a child promotes bonding and helps to build relationships.


In reflection of the WorldBookDay, are today`s children getting the best opportunity to read? Are there enough resource centres to access these, in the years past communities used to have libraries that children would be a member of at a premium, are these still functional. Are we promoting the culture of reading books as leisure? As a parent do you still read to your child? Do you have old books in your storage that are gathering dust, are there opportunities to donate these to a local library, charity or a child? What can we do to support more of reading than screen time? It is possible to revive the love for books?

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