ECD Voice Issue 12

Dear Reader, the 12th issue of the Zimbabwe ECD Voice, the first publication for 2024, is now available. ZINECDA is enthusiastic about the achievements in the first quarter and anticipates a successful year in early childhood development (ECD). They actively participated in the Eastern Southern Africa Conference, contributed insights, and established partnerships in the region. The secretariat played a significant role in the launch of the Zimbabwe National Early Learning Policy, which marks a significant milestone for Early Childhood Development (ECD) in Zimbabwe. A draft model Bill influencing Early Childhood Education financing has been finalized, offering a promising framework for sustainable investment in ECD. The issue highlights a research study on the status of SDG4.2 and the progress made by member states in achieving the required indicators. The study identifies data gaps related to readiness for primary school and home learning environments, aiming to find solutions for improvement. The publication expresses gratitude to ZINECDA membership for their support in driving positive change and prioritizing ECD. They hope readers find this issue informative and inspiring as they work together to make a lasting impact on children’s lives in Zimbabwe.

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